Knights of Sidonia: “Oblivion”

S1:E2 “Oblivion”
I thought Oblivion was the fourth episode, but whatever

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“Oblivion” takes a break from the incredibly fast-paced world-building and character development of “Commencement” for some slightly slower-paced world-building and character development. The episode starts with a brief flashback, focusing more on Yamano’s perspective.

Being from a small, likely poor village, she seems to have earned her place in the Garde Cadet program through hard work and determination. It gives just enough for the audience to get a good idea of who she is before cutting to her Garde being breached and her being swallowed by the Gauna.

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At least she died doing what she loved: screaming

The Gauna then takes Yamano’s form, which is just creepy. Even though he doesn’t have a Kabizashi, Nagate takes on the Gauna and is able to deal a pretty significant amount of damage. Hoshijiro manages to snap him out of his adrenaline-fueled frenzy just in time for them to avoid the heavy-mass cannon which destroys the entire asteroid, but not the Gauna.

The rest of the episode focuses on the aftermath of the Gauna attack. This includes the government’s official and unofficial reaction, the social effects of surviving an encounter, and the psychological effects on the pilots. Nagate especially feels these effects, being socially outcast as a “jinx”, and showing some post-traumatic issues which make him unable to keep down food.

The final part of “Oblivion” takes some time to introduce some new faces: a few of the top Garde pilots, Akai (Grant George), Aoki (Steve Heiser), Midorikawa (Doug Erholtz) and Momose (Becca Ordonez). They seem interested in Nagate for some reason. It also introduces Yuhata Midorikawa (Lindsay Torrance), a young cadet who seems to have a knack for analysis, who is also keen on meeting the new cadet. This episode also provides the audience with more information about the world, the most important of which seems to be about the fourth Gauna war.

“Oblivion” portrays the immediate aftermath of going into battle for the first time. Knightsshows both strength and weakness in its main character. Nagate may have the skill to tangle with a Gauna and live, but he’s still haunted by the image of his comrade being consumed and the Gauna taking her form. Overall, it does a good job of conveying this while moving along the story. The most fun part of this episode is probably in the first ten minutes, but it doesn’t drag in the second half as much as it just takes a breath. A slow, shuddering breath.

S1E2 Art2

I’ll kind of miss Yamano

Stray Observations:

  • “It’ll just snake its way in on its own. Don’t try to take it out; it’s dangerous.”
  • Hoshijiro for the save!
  • Izana is the kind of friend you can get drunk with. They take puke on their legs with class.
  • Akai, Aoki, Midorikawa and Momose all have color-based names: Red, Blue, Green and Peach respectively.
  • Captain Kobayashi is into cosplay.
  • Kunato being angrily surprised by Nagate is his defining characteristic.
  • Yuhata seems like the kind of girl that will get you to the barrier at a concert through sheer will alone.

Nagate Owned x2:Injuries to his vertebrae, cardiopulmonary arrest, broken leg, busted nose

Frock-block x1: Izana dares to even think about the booty and they are immediately frock-blocked.

100 Sights of Sidonia: Sublevel Unstable Gravity Area

S1E2 Sights

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